Maintaining Air-Handling Equipment

Proper maintenance of air-handling equipment can prevent energy waste and help to ensure the comfort of building occupants. Fans alone—the main energy-user of air-handling equipment—use about 7 percent of the energy consumed by buildings that use conditioned air. They can be either in self-contained equipment—for example, with air handlers used in chilled-water systems—or integrated into packaged equipment like rooftop air conditioners. Other air-handling components include filters and dampers, which can also waste energy if not maintained.

In this topic, we cover maintenance measures that apply to air-handling equipment, including changing filters and maintaining fans and outside-air dampers. Other measures that apply specifically to rooftop units (RTUs), such as cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, verifying refrigerant charge levels, and maintaining the RTU cabinet integrity, are covered in the topic Maintaining Packaged Rooftop Units.

Changing filters
Maintaining fans
Maintaining outside-air dampers
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