Full-Size Fluorescent Lamps

Full-size fluorescent systems are among the most common and most efficient lamps in use. They are appropriate for general lighting in commercial, institutional, and industrial spaces with low to medium ceiling height. The introduction to the marketplace of high-intensity fluorescent lamps and fixtures also makes fluorescent systems a leading choice for areas with high ceilings (more than 15 feet)—the type of application that used to be the domain of high-intensity discharge (HID) light sources. (See the guide on Indirect Lighting.) How much energy a fluorescent lighting system uses depends on the efficiency of the lamps, ballasts, fixtures, and controls. To apply fluorescent lamps successfully, carefully consider lamp options—diameter, length, and phosphor blend—as well as the options for ballasts and fixtures. (See the guides on Fluorescent Ballasts and HID Versus Fluorescent for High-Bay Lighting.)

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