1. Evaporator Fan Motors

    Commercial refrigerated display cases require enormous amounts of energy to keep their large air volumes cool. According to the US Department of Energy, display case evaporator fan motors alone can account for about 15 percent of a supermarket's total energy costs.

  2. Ice Makers

    Ice makers are used in a large number of commercial facilities and use a tremendous amount of energy. Fortunately, there are now a wide range of high-efficiency models available that won’t cost you any more to purchase. Find out what the options are and how to make the right choice.

  3. Vending Machines

    Refrigerated vending machines are energy hogs and can cost owners over $400 per year. Fortunately, it’s possible to reduce this energy waste by choosing new efficient models or adding controls. This article explains what options are available to you and how to make the best choice.

  4. Walk-In Cooler Controllers

    Almost all coolers and freezers run their fans continuously, even though, on average, full airflow is only required about half of the time. By putting a stop to this, controllers can reduce energy use by as much as 60 percent. Learn what the options are and if these controls make sense for you.